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Posted on 31st October, 2019

Manualfinder web shop:


I spend a lot of time on the internet searching for manuals for customers  I waste a lot of time looking for a specific manual thats not there, with adverts popping up all over the place and large photographs and media slowing the internet down. You will not find any adverts at manualfinder, and there are few photographs. We all know what a tractor and a manual looks like. I have over 11,000 manuals in stock to list and access to 1000's more and every one will be indexed to find in the search bar as well as the categorie lists (If I ever get round to it) You will note that my manual description is quite short, normaly what it is and the page count. I do not have the time to list every chapter and detail, if it is a workshop, parts or operators manual thats what you get. If you are wanting to know if it has a specific section just send me a message and I will tell you


If you can't find what you want I have yet to list it, just send me a message   


There are quite a few people now selling manuals on line, some good and some not so good some are a lot cheaper than me but there is a good chance parts of the manual will be missing, and there will be little or no customer service. These sellers come and go. You can always get in touch with me, all my contact details are at the bottom of every page as well as the contact form 


We have been selling manuals in our own web shop, also on Ebay for a number of years, so if you want to see what past customers think of our manuals and customer service   click here


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We have only had this shop up and running for a few weeks, and to get higher up the Google ranking takes time. Unless you pay for it. The original web shop selling printed manuals ran for over 10 years and our customers are starting to find this one, although it will take time.

Nice to know that the manual you bought is to your satisfaction. We are working hard to fill the shelves. (doing New Holland at the moment)

Just came across your web site.
Been looking for a manual for my JD tractor for some time, found it here. It's not cheap but unlike some sold on Ebay it has everything in it no missing pages, and clear text.

You seem to be buried quite a few pages back in Google and quite hard to find the link to you.