Workshop Manual Incl Parts manuals Covers these Machines Manual pages 380

All manuals are highly detailed with many illustrations and photographs. The depth that the manual goes into is consistent with the page count. 200 plus pages is classed as a detailed manual. 500 plus pages is classed as a very detailed Dealers Manual.

Workshop Service or Training Manuals. - These manuals describe how to repair the machine and have all the settings and tolerances needed to strip parts down and reasemble them.

Parts Manuals - These manuals have the parts numbered in relation to illustrations of each part of the machine in exploded diagrams. They are a great help in fitting the parts back in the correct order. They are not just used for ordering parts.

Operators Manuals - These manuals are the same as the one that came with the machine from new. They show how to operate the machine, ie which levers and buttons to press and general day to day servicing. Some operators manuals go into greater detail and can be classed as a service manual.

Digital Manuals - Digital manuals are profesionaly mastered and come indexed. They are not just a jumble of files. You will also get links to a huge database of tractor specifications. (not included with download) They can be read on any computer as long as it has a PDF reader program. All disks come with a serial number and password they are write protected. You can print out all or part of the manual. Please note Download is not immediate. It depends on server load and can be from 30 mins to 24 hours. Link for download is sent to the email address you give on checkout.

Printed Manuals - Manuals are either original or lazer reprints. (Assume reprint if not stated as original) Spiral Bound or come in Large Ring Folder depending on the size of the manual. Printed manuals are expensive to produce and post, this will depend on the size of the manual, and is reflected in the price, please bear this in mind when comparing the price against the digital manual.
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